Louisiana Restoration Franchise Opportunities

Change the Tides in Disaster-Prone Louisiana By Owning a New Orleans Restoration Franchise

Louisiana experiences a high rate of natural disasters and over the past 15 years has endured some of the deadliest, most expensive, and damaging weather events ever recorded. Being a low-lying area along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico means that Louisiana can expect frequent hurricanes, heavy rains, and flash flooding. When this happens, and it happens too often in New Orleans and nearby Louisiana cities, quality disaster restoration services are needed. That’s why we’re hoping to bring on new restoration franchise owners in Lafayette and Lake Charles as soon as possible.

Why are storms in Louisiana so widespread and disastrous? Part of the storms’ intensity is a result of the low-lying geography. In addition, global warming has led to heavier rainfall, which causes extensive flooding and river overflow as well as extremely dangerous and intense hurricanes. In addition to global warming effects, storms throughout Louisiana are worse than other areas of the country because of its proximity to the Gulf. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico are warmer than other waters and this heat adds fuel to incoming storms, increasing rainfall, duration, and intensity.

Louisiana’s History of Disasters Provides Opportunities for Restoration Franchises to Help

Did you know that Louisiana is one of the most disaster-prone states in the entire country? Since 1953, more than 60 major disasters have been declared state-wide. With this statistic, Louisiana is also, unfortunately, ranked as the state with the third highest annual natural disaster-related costs in the United States. Part of this costly statistic is due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina — a disastrous weather event that will be remembered in infamy due to its widespread damages and costly results.

At 911 Restoration franchise we want to help as many Louisiana residents as possible during natural disasters, which is why we’re looking to open new restoration franchise locations in Lafayette and Lake Charles, just to name a few, to add to our successful restoration branches in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

The Best Restoration Franchise Opportunities in Louisiana are at 911 Restoration

With global warming contributing to worsening and more frequent storms, including intense hurricanes, heavy winds and rains, and flooding throughout Louisiana and other states along the coast, residents in the area need more help than ever to rebuild their communities and homes after a disaster strikes. By trusting a local Louisiana restoration franchise to begin rebuilding their home or business quickly after a natural disaster, property owners can minimize personal loss from water damage, mold, and flooding, restore peace of mind, and move on with their lives with a Fresh Start. At 911 Restoration franchise, we’re dedicated to making positive impressions and lasting change throughout Louisiana.


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By opening a restoration franchise in Louisiana with 911 Restoration, you’ll have total control over your financial and business opportunities, enjoy unmatched business and personal growth, and make a positive and lasting impact throughout your local Louisiana community. What makes 911 Restoration a unique restoration franchise opportunity is that we’re a restoration franchise that truly cares about the growth and success of our franchise owners. We are looking for creative, motivated, and caring individuals who are tired of the norm and looking to make their day-to-day extraordinary by joining an innovative team of friendly and professional disaster restoration experts.

At 911 Restoration franchise, we encourage all types of individuals to join our restoration company, regardless of your professional experience in water damage or mold remediation. We provide in-depth and ongoing training and ensure all of our franchise owners are up-to-date on the latest industry developments and restoration techniques before you open your cleaning restoration franchise with us. Not only are we the best restoration franchise in Louisiana and nationwide, but becoming part of the restoration franchise industry means you’ll become part of a stable and rapidly growing industry — the restoration industry is currently valued at $210 billion and with worsening natural disaster events, this number is only expected to keep growing annually.

Open a Cleaning Restoration Franchise with 911 Restoration Today

If you’re currently a business owner in Louisiana, it’s time to next the next step toward fulfilling all of your goals and dreams. At 911 Restoration franchise, we truly have some of the most rewarding restoration franchise opportunities in the state available, including availability in areas of Louisiana like Lafayette and Lake Charles. We can help you achieve all of your professional and financial goals. Learn more about our lucrative restoration franchise opportunities in Louisiana today by calling us directly at (877) 643-5766, or get started now by downloading our FREE starter kit here!